Strategy plays an important role

"For starters, a game like Craps can be quite challenging. However, once you have learned the basics and know the rules, you will find the game quite simple to grasp. As always, strategy plays an important role, and adhering to a calculated and intelligent strategy will ensure any player with good results, if not always wins.

An important part of craps is for players to understand that it is a game of loops. Nothing much can be done to manipulate the results at craps levels. Instead of trying to predict the outcome of a spin, a well-strategically planned game involves relying on the outcome and changing the bet amount accordingly. You must bet more when you are winning and less when you are losing. fun88

Using odds

Try to use bets with high odds and be prepared that you will not be able to win every roll the bag is tossed. Therefore, choose the best odds you can manage, use them in your favor as much as possible, and play smart. The best odds on the table, in Craps games are Pass, No Pass, Come, No Come.

Most bets can be added, removed or deducted, at any given time. There are certain exceptions to this are incoming and outgoing bets where the player cannot exceed the maximum bet on the odds. It is said that the Pass gives the house a 1.41% advantage while the No Pass gives slightly less than 1.41%. These Line Bets form the core of a winning strategy. Partly from this, the player, in order to improve the best bet, must focus on the Odds. He must buy the Odds in the case of Over or Place the Odds in the case of 'No Pass'. This scheme improves your initial bet because the house has a more advantage on Odds.

Place the Odds bet by adding the original Pass / No Pass in an incremental amount after launch. In general, you must buy the largest odds possible to place the bigger the odds, when the maximum bet is here you minimize the house edge. fun88

Here's a basic rule that you can follow: If you're placing the Odds, make the No Pass initially a multiple of $ 6 and then the full bet on the Double Odds. of 12 dollars. Likewise, when Buying Odds, place your Pass bet in multiple of $ 5 to make the Odds double, a multiple of $ 10.

Don't pass for success

Most players choose to play the right game and Buy odds when the payback appears to be larger. But here's a piece of advice for those, take it seriously to win. The strategy is to consider playing the wrong way to take advantage of the smaller home and crush it. Play Wrong and Bet are for seasoned players and for those with the perseverance to win over a longer playing time. fun88

When it comes to Double Odds, it can be safer not to bet on Double Handicap in every round. Let's consider the probabilities. You will find that there are four ways to roll 5 and 9, three ways to roll 4 and 10, and five ways that you would roll 6 or 8. In the end, there are 6 ways to roll the number 7. Here's how to catch, when you are betting wrongly and will receive Double Odds, numbers 6 and 8 will appear regularly causing you to lose your bet. Therefore, a good strategy would be to play Double Odds on 4 and 10.


One last tip comes straight from experience: Before you get to the table, try to know the rules and tricks. Basic terminology used in the game. Craps has its own language that may seem complex to beginners but can be easily learned with practice. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy player who doesn't know what he (usually he) is doing. Make sure to learn the basic terms and be humble enough to admit that you might not know everything about the game"

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