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Can you bit the online casino? Or maybe you have equal chances to win and lose?

Most online casino are game like rummy onlines of chance in which both the online casino and the player have an equal chance of winning. However, reality shows that online casino are winners in the long run. Most players will lose money back to the online casino no matter how much they won earlier. What actually causes players to lose money in online casino in the long run? Here are the 3 main factors that make players lose money the most at the end: house advantage, maximum limit and psychological factor.

Edge of the House

Like any other business, online casino need to make sure they make enough profit from their gambling business. That is why online casino need to have a slightly better winning advantage over players. The online casino's mathematical advantage over the player is known as the "house advantage". The online casino place a house advantage on each game like rummy online type, for example in European Roulette: it adds a "0" on the wheel making bets on Over / Under, Odd / Even and Black / Red having odds of 2.78% means that in the long run, the online casino will win 2.78% of all bets on Big / Small, Odd / Even and Black / Red in a Roulette game like rummy online. If you play a game like rummy online with a house edge of 5.56% vs. 2.78%, you lose money twice as fast as the second game like rummy online. Now you know why you lose money faster in certain game like rummy onlines than in others?

Maximum limit

In any online casino, it is very common to have 5, 6 or even 15 consecutive black or red results, high or low, even or odd; but it does not happen in any of the online casino on earth that have 50 consecutive equal results. This means that if the online casino does not set a maximum wagering limit and the player has enough money to double his bet on a loss, the player will win back their stake plus one chip. That is why the online casino protects itself from the wealthy players who follow this strategy by setting the maximum limit on all online casino. If the player continues to double their stake, they lose the money if the result continues to turn to the opposite result and eventually reaches the maximum limit.

Psychological Factors

Have you noticed that most players who win money want to win more; They will stay at the table until they lose all their money. The same goes for players who lose money, who will try to cover the lost money by betting more until they lose all their money. This is the psychological factor that keeps online casino continue to be the winners in the long run. The online casino will not be afraid even if you win large sums because they know they will get your winnings back plus your money in the long run.

There are many betting strategies published on various e-books that guide players on how to win money from the online casino. Theoretically, the strategies will work if the player executes the strategies intelligently. But reality shows that most players will become greedy when they win and forget about their strategy; What they want is to keep winning and winning big. That's why they forget about strategies and bet based on their greedy behavior. This is how most players lose money to the online casino in the long run but in rummy online you have a little bit more chances to win.


Players lose money to the online casino due to 3 main factors: house advantage, maximum limit and psychological factor. "House edge" and "maximum limit" are pre-set by online casino to protect their advantage and you cannot change them. However, if you want to make some online casino winnings, then you need to rely on "psychological factor" by upholding your betting strategy and controlling your greedy behavior if you feel like a lucky man go and play rummy online.

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